Tree Drawings

This semester with my BA (Hons) studies I am taking the Personal Specialism module, which is all about learning how to write a proposal for an art project, 2 of them actually and to show how the art work would change to suit the different sites.

My first proposal is for my work to be placed out in our garden as a dialogue between the trees and myself. I am exploring the intimate human connection with the natural environment so I am starting by exploring my own relationship with our garden.
These are some images of drawings made by trees. I waited for a windy day then went outside with my sketchbook and a bottle of ink. I dipped a leaf/needle that was still on the tree in the ink then held the sketchbook up so the page just touched the inky leaf.
It is very interesting to see how each tree produced its own distinctive marks.
The idea for tree drawings came from Nalini Nadkarni’s book ‘Between Earth and Sky’, a very good read for those interested in trees.
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