Valerie Walker @ SDA Conference

During the few hours break between the conference and start of the next week of workshops, a group of us took advantage of an outing organised by Valerie Walker (on right), transmedia fibre artist, gallery owner, natural dyer, radio host, instructor etc etc – you know the multi-talented type.
She had organised a happening at her friend Cecile Lewis’s place.
Valerie had hung her naturally-dyed cloths around Cecile’s garden – behind these cloths is the gourd patch.
Valerie had started an indigo vat at the beginning of the conference but true to its nature, it was on its own timetable and not ready for dipping that day. 

So we spent the time exploring Cecile’s dye garden, stroking her dyed cloths, examining the vat, and soaking up some much needed sunshine after being inside for the week.Posted by Picasa

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