VCA Lower Studio In Action

Have you ever seen such focus and awareness in a group studio?
Visitors often comment on the lovely atmosphere in the room?
The feeling is generated by the students who focus and work hard on each assignment while at the same time they are aware of others and respond with co-operation and support.

The central tables are where the students work and talk together. Each student can choose a marked off space when they want to work a the big tables.
We gather around the central table for Circle Time ( demos, group critiques, going through assignments, sharing of information).
Around the perimeter of the room each student has a table, which is their quiet place. They can work quietly on their own knowing they will will only occasionally be politely interrupted by others.
To the bottom right I have a table where I do one-on-one critiques. This is a most enjoyable part of the day because I make the time to see each student’s work close up and they can talk to me about it.
Outside the room is the ironing table, light table, and spray area. The wet room is off to the right as is the bathroom and storage.
So this is where it all happens.

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  1. Yvonne

    Yes, I love how that active quality arises in groups like ours where each person is drawing from their own well, while offering silent psychic support to those around them. This generates a very powerful energy. I have experienced this in online classes, as well, and one such joyful experience planted the seed for an MA project. We do have a really great class and thankyou for setting the stage!


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