Victoria College of Art Library

This is the ‘Before’ picture.
Barbara McCaffrey and I have put in a couple of days of work reorganising the library at the college.
We are going through the contents of every shelf and developing an organisation system that will reflect the courses taught at the collage.

After 2 days work we have managed to make it look worse than when we started.

But, look what happened as I was picking up my bag to get ready to leave.
A Student walked by, stopped, opened her back pack and got out a binder then started looking at books in a specific section.
It works!!! Even the make shift, tentative set up is already looking more approachable.
Barb and I have donated some books to start the Textile Arts section. And some angel donated what initially looks like the complete set of Threads magazine, including the premier issue. What a treasure trove.

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