VISDA Exhibition ‘Garden Tapestry’ at Portals, Duncan

Louise Slodoban, ‘In An Artist’s Garden’ 
Photo transfer, procion dyed cloth, mono printing, screen printing, sun prints, machine & hand stitched.
Louise was inspired by a visit to Grant Leier and Nixie Barton’s Studio Garden at Yellow Point.
The Vancouver Island Surface Design Association has an exhibition in the Portals gallery in the CVAC Centre of Arts, Culture and Heritage until November 10, 2015.

Georgina Dingwell, ‘At Night in the Garden’
Printed surface with silk overlay and stitching.
“This piece is about the way we perceive darkness. The mind can take us to scary places even in the realm of beauty in a garden.”
All artists worked within a 12″ x 60″ or 72″ framework so there was uniformity in the size of the works. This serves to unify a wide range of styles, techniques, materials and ideas.
Elserine Sprenger, “karesansui” (dry landscape)
Handwoven, linen, silk, raffia, stones, madder, indigo.
“This piece is woven in a partial double weave structure and symbolises the strength and at the same time the fragility of Mother Nature; the stones that have survived millennia and the linen which so easily deteriorates when exposed to the weather.”


karesansui (dry landscape), detail

Sarah McLaren, ‘Joy’
“Own hand dyed linen/cotton blend fabric, hand appliqued with silk thread, machine quilted, wool batting, binding done by hand. 
Inspired by whimsical floral shapes, open weave linen, a love of colour subtleties and a passion for fabric and stitching, my intention was to design and create a joyful art-quilt garden tapestry.”

‘Joy,’ detail. 
Sorry, the colours are way off in these images of the works. The gallery has the work well lit which makes for difficult photographic conditions.

Sarah beside her work. 
The colours here are closer to reality, but images of textiles never really do them justice. You will have to go to Duncan to see for yourself. 
The exhibition is on until November 10, 2015.
The gallery is open Monday through to Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm.

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