Walls Talk at the Alberta Craft Council Gallery

Here is my entry to the Korean Craft Biennale having its first public showing. Joanne from Alberta Craft Council had driven down from Edmonton to pick up all of the Calgary entries and taken back them to hang in the lower craft council gallery for the month.
When Donna and I went up to Edmonton last Monday to take down Articulation’s exhibit in the McMullen, we checked on my ‘Walls Talk’ work. And just as well we did. It wasn’t doing too well. With a combination of spot light heat and gravity it was sagging after a month. Joanne kindly let me take it down and bring it home so I can work on modifying the hanging mechanism. I am so pleased to have the opportunity to do this before it is crated up and heads off to Korea where it needs to look its best. It also needs to be robust enough to survive 3 years of touring Alberta once it returns from Korea.
Apart from a short time at the photographers, this was the 1st time it had been on a wall. It reminded me, yet again, I need a large enough design wall in my studio to put up my work so I can see it as it is meant to be and so prevent this kind of issue from happening. Thanks to Joanne I’m getting a 2nd chance with this one.

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