Yukon Cryosphere II, Hydrosphere – Work Continues

Working with slippery synthetic sheers I can’t keep the large pieces of fabric under control. Solution – hang them on the wall and take down as needed.

My current problem is to find a method for making a soft material appear hard. 
I have made tapered tubes. They need weights in the bottom to keep all lines vertical, the way water falls and freezes.  I considered lead fishing weights but couldn’t find any small enough and they would all have to be painted white.
Solution – Beads. I cleaned out my white bead stash then scoured all thrift stores in a 20-mile radius. I sorted them by size and made 3 different soup mixes.
The beads are successfully doing the job of weighing down the points but now the tubes don’t look substantial enough. I have decided to stuff each tube with fine interfacing. It took a long time and was hard on my hands.
To give my hands a break I started making the flowing water panels – cheesecloth dry-felted onto flat sheer tubes.

I am laying out the flowing water panels to see if I had enough of them and enough variety in length and width.
In the meantime, in the back of my mind, I am working on how to hang these individual tubes and panels. Percolation time, again.

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