The Fruits of Summer Show in Nectar Desserts

A brick cafe displaying the artwork 'The Fruits of Summer Show'
Donna, Nancy, husband Ron & I hung The Fruits of Summer show at Nectar Desserts this morning. Nancy painted 2 series of works featuring apples & cherries and some watercolour flowers with her calligraphy. Donna examined cross sections of fruits in fibre and worked flowers in her signature tissue paper drawing technique. I made little confections inspired by my memories of hydrangeas in my Nana’s Garden series. I think they look like Nectar Desserts’ executive chef, Rebekah Pearse’s, fruit tart creations. If you click on the title of this post to visit her website, you will see what inspired me.

Rebekah wasn’t coming in until this afternoon to get ready for a class she is teaching tonight so when we finished the hanging she hadn’t seen it yet. We made groupings of works in the same shapes as the collections of furniture in front of them. We hope she likes what we did to her place.
And that’s a wrap of The Fruits of Summer show.
Learn more about my Nana’s Garden series here.

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